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NPA 16/2018


New Family of Fast Feed Milling Cutters Carrying Tangentially Clamped Rhombic Inserts

ISCAR is introducing a new family of high feed shellmill cutters carrying tangentially clamped rhombic inserts with 4 cutting edges.

The new cutters were designed for roughing operations of cavity and pocket milling in the die & mold industry and for general engineering.
The new tools are available in shell mill configurations in a diameter range of 40 to100 mm and can be applied up to 1.5 mm depth of cut.

FFV D…-R-VN07 Tool Features
  • 16˚ lead angle
  • Strong dovetailed insert clamping
  • Coolant holes directed effectively to the cutting zone
  • New polished coating for smooth chip flow and protection against corrosion and wear
  • Radius for programming: – R2.8 mm

  • Ramp down and side plunging capability
  • Excellent chip flow
  • High metal removal rate due to small entrance angle, which enables high table feed at shallow depths of cut

FF VNMT… Insert Features
The new tangentially clamped inserts are available with two types of cutting geometries for optimal machining of a large variety of engineering materials:
  • ER - for general applications
  • ETR - reinforced cutting edges for interrupted cut and unfavorable conditions

Rough- and -semi-finish milling of sculptured surfaces and steep profiles including upand down-ramping.

Fast Feed Shell Mill Carrying Tangentially Clamped Inserts with 4 Cutting Edges
• Radius for programming R=2.8 mm
(1) Use on face mill adapters with the supplied retention screw
(2) Number of inserts
(3) Ramping angle maximum
(4) Item weight

FF VNMT 0706
Tangentially Clamped Inserts with 4 Cutting Edges for Fast Feed Milling
(1) For general applications
(2) Reinforced cutting edges for interrupted cut and unfavorable conditions

Recommended Cutting Data for FFV-07 Fast Feed Cutters

The NPA16-2018's pdf file: View (PDF) or Download (ZIP)
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